Week’s 18 & 19: 33 to go

As of today, I have completed a total of 19 weeks straight using only human-powered transport and covering a total distance of 2,751.75km Powered by Me and raising £1,936.51 for different charities. This month, I am fundraising for The Dystonia Society via my Just Giving page here. It’s just so exciting to know that in 6 and a half weeks time, I will have reached half way point through my lifestyle adventure challenge. Once again, I’ve been overwhelmed by the words of encouragement, support and donations from all of you, so thank you and please keep it going.

Stronger, faster, better

One of best things that’s happened to me in recent weeks is this:

I am stronger, I am faster, I am better.

I knew this challenge would change me but I didn’t know how. I’d never done anything like this before, nor knew anyone who had. Could I do it? Would I become fitter? Would I become more productive? I’m only just starting to answer some of these questions now. Just over a quarter of the way through my year-long human powered challenge I am starting to experience staggering changes to my body and mind.

I am more productive, my mind feels stronger, happier and healthier, I feel I can honestly do anything I put my mind to, my body is so much stronger, I don’t ache day after day anymore, instead, I feel solid, my core strength is stronger and without labouring the point, all in all, body and mind, I am stronger, faster and better. And to top it off, I went to see the fantastic Mark Hokan from Purus Active Health for my monthly sports massage. Usually, I would be in quite a bit of back and calf pain, but this time round everything just felt great!

It’s time to learn and collaborate with other lifestyle adventurers

For the past month, I have been exploring ways of learning from other adventurers and challengers like me, to look at collaborating with them and being inspired by their feats. When you start looking, it’s quite overwhelming how many incredible people are out there, doing fantastic things for great charitable causes and to pursue a life of physical and mental development.

I’ve been particularly impressed with Dan Keeley, Rom2Home creator, Virginia Bailey, stRIDE17 creator and one person I’ve yet to connect with, Markus Pukonen, Routes of Change creator. All are doing phenomenal challenges to provide a better life for someone else through their fundraising and are doing their bit to make this world a stronger, happier and healthier place, read a bit more about these amazing individuals below.

Dan Keeley – Rome2Home

After experiencing a full-blown manic episode in Italy, which resulted in Dan preaching to the central lane of a major motorway, he was in and out of psychiatric wards in both Italy and the UK. Soon after he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and months of depression. This was back in 2012 and fortunately, Dan now manages his Bipolar and seeks adventures to raise money for CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) and by running from Rome to Home, starting on 25 August.


Over around 65 days he will run 1,250 miles through Italy, Switzerland, France and more, watch Dan’s route from Rome to Home here. Dan hopes to raise £12,000 which will help combat male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45, with 12 men taking their lives daily. Find out more about Dan’s journey on his blog Rome2Home and connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I for one will be following his journey closely and will be supporting with Dan’s social media and content creation during his journey, so watch this space!

Virginia Bailey – StRIDE17

Virginia’s dad suffers from Dementia and she has set herself the task to raise £20,000 for Dementia UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Unforgettable who create dementia products, by covering 450 miles across 3 countries in just 8 days, mostly cycling and some hiking, with 12 ladies in lycra whose families or loved ones have been affected by Dementia.


Not only has Virginia created this journey from scratch, she doesn’t count herself as a ‘cyclist’ and has self-funded the entire trip by asking for in-kind accommodation, kit, venues and more. StRIDE17 will help families and carers to cope with Dementia, through raising awareness and sharing stories, and will raise much-needed funds to support specialist Dementia care workers and research into the disease. If you want to support in any way, head over to StRIDE17 fundraising page and connect on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Markus Pukonen – Routes of Change

I thought my year-long Powered by Me challenge was a bold step for me to take until I heard about Markus Pukonen, who is circumnavigating the planet human powered for 5 years…yes you heard it FIVE YEARS. His Routes of Change adventure will create healthy futures for others, by showing people all over the world that sustainable living is possible. I am just amazed and hope one day I get to meet Markus!


He’s been on the route for 1 year and 305 days and is currently sailing the Pacific Ocean. This is just insane, I can’t believe it and makes me even more confident about what I could achieve way beyond Powered by Me! Watch Markus Pukonen on Hawaii News here and follow Markus on Twitter and check out his site Routes of Change.

Seeking like-minded lifestyle adventurers

If you’re an adventure of sorts and are looking to change your lifestyle, or in the process of doing so and encouraging others to, I want to hear from you! I would love to find out what your adventures mean to you, where you are in the world, what advice you have for others and more. So please get in touch, connect with me on my social channels below and let’s talk!

If you’re inspired by my journey, please donate below, or text PBME95 to 70070 to donate £5 to The Dystonia Society and follow my social channels to get the latest updates.




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