365-days human powered

1.1.17 – 31.12.17

£3,342 raised

6,239 km cycled

1,926 walked

450 km ran

Powered by Me

In 2017 I embarked on my first lifestyle adventure. One that was created for myself, to fit around my lifestyle and to test my physical and mental limits in ways that I never had done before.

Powered by Me was created and it all began on 1 January 2017.

The rules were simple. To travel for a whole year only using human-powered transport, to blog about my journey and to raise money for a different charity each month.

My story is one of physical and mental endurance, trial and error, with some stupidity thrown in. But most of all my story is about doing what I can with what I have, making better choices and growing my skills and experiences along the way.

Watch my 365-days human powered BBC3 film clip.

Below you will find all my blog posts from my Powered by Me adventure in reverse date order. Enjoy.

365 days complete > 0 left

I’m only human

All the bikes

Powered by Me > the exceptions

London > Dorset return

Bressuire to Annepont, France + wedding day

Argentre to Bressuire, France

Annepont > London > Caen

Hills, Night Rides and Weddings

Week’s 18 & 19: 33 to go

Powered by You: Who’s doing what?

LDN to Nottingham return

My first big ride – LDN to Loughborough (and back)

Inspiring Women

A cry for help

Guest blog: Emma and her first ride 

Why am I doing this?


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