A cry for help

As I approach the end of my second month Powered by Me, I feel more adjusted as my body and mind is getting used to my year-long challenge. That said, it’s been almost 7 weeks since I had a long way to travel. Way back during Week 1, I had two long rides. One to Essex and the other on a big round London trip during a film shoot with work. But these rides aren’t a patch on what I have coming up in just over a weeks time, hence the title ‘A cry for help.’


My biggest rides yet – Loughborough and Nottingham and not the same journey

I’ve been planning my first big ride up to Nottingham for a work conference, which was mentioned in my Week 7 post. Luckily I’ve roped in a few fellow friends (thanks Alex and Kieron) to cycle with me one way, London to Nottingham. The whole journey is about a 480 km round trip, and that’s only if we don’t get lost. And to put it into perspective, this journey alone is the same as the total distance I’ve covered so far during my first 5 weeks Powered by Me.


So after doing some planning for that trip, I started to feel better prepared and was figuring out if I was going to squeeze in some training or not. Then, another work trip comes up in Loughborough for 6 March. Sadly for me, this is the week before I need to be in Nottingham, which means I’ll be doing two big Powered by Me trips in about 10 days. Thankfully, my work colleague Amy is going to ride with me one way to Loughborough, thanks Amy!

Advice? Tips? Just want to give morale support?

I am not just saying this, I am terrified. I might be ‘sporty’ and ‘fit’ because I am doing this challenge, but I have never cycled these distances before. I haven’t had a rest day for 54 days, I feel knackered, dehydrated most days and a bit ‘on edge.’ Maybe I’ll just feel like this for all of 2017. Maybe I am still adjusting. Either way I would greatly appreciate any help, support, advice or guidance out there.

I’ve jotted down a few things I think I need to get sorted before I set off for Milton Keynes (half way to Loughborough) on Saturday 4 March. For me, these are the things/stuff I think I must get done before I go.

  • Get a head torch – if I need to cycle through the dark on dimly lit roads and my bike lights aren’t enough
  • Learn how to wear cleats – I’ve had them since January and have been putting it off because I’m scared!
  • Get a few more bike lights – the more the better
  • Know how to change a tyre – right now, I know nothing!
  • Get a pannier and side bag – at the moment, I carry everything on my back
  • Practice using my Ride with GPS app – for offline navigation to save battery
  • Buy a small self-massage ball – my foam roller sadly won’t be coming with me
  • Get mud guards – perhaps the only thing that seems to stop you getting wetter when the rain comes! (I realised in my first week, waterproof doesn’t mean waterproof)

I already feel better after having written a list. But it’s not long before the rising panic starts again. Please please please share, comment and give any advice you are able to offer. Or perhaps you have a friend who rides a lot, or you know the best recovery tips. The more information I can consume the better. Ride with GPS has some sort of way that your friends and family can track your route, so nearer the time I’ll be posting information as to how you can follow these journeys. Wish me luck!





  1. Woooo not long till we hit the saddle and do your first big ride! So couple of things to add to your list:
    Goggles/bike glasses – keeps the grit out
    Food – the right stuff!
    2 water bottles
    Spare tube
    Puncture repair kit
    Hanky (for sweat and a runny nose!)
    Bib shorts with padding
    Gloves (help with some of the vibration)

    This article is quite a good read – http://trustednaturalhealth.com/cycling-tips-15-essential-pieces-riding-advice-beginners/

    Food wise – il be taking flap jack, banana, cereal bars and a smoothie with peanut butter, yoghurt, milk and banana to have as soon as we finish.

    2 water bottles – one for actual water and one for honey water as energy. Drink honey water every 20 mins and eat every hour.

    We will aim to stop every hour, for a couple of mins (to check the map, stretch the legs etc) and every 3 hours for a 20 minute break and an hour for lunch!

    I’m looking forward to it already!!!


  2. Amazing. We are all cheering for you and wishing you well. Just think how proud you will feel when you complete these two challenges!

    Keep us updated! Stay positive!


  3. I am biting my nails on your behalf!!!!!
    I have a head torch which you can borrow, and I am happy to drop it off before this Saturday?


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